4 Feb 2009

Whispered Romance

A gorgeous asymmetric necklace, created from a vintage watch and brass filigree. It also has a tiny precious crystal heart and real pearls.

There are two brass chains on one side and one on the other from which the piece is suspended. This is the same chain which can be found in many of the mechanisms of the punchcard princesses, and they buy it 'by the mile' from a chain mine nearby.

It comes in a presentation jewel case .

Please note these steampunk devices are one-of-a-kind art pieces and should be worn with respect. Some edges may be sharp and gems fragile.

Sorry thse are now sold out but more luscious pieces are available HERE

1 comment:

  1. Hi there! My wife is a big supporter of Steampunk designs. She will absolutely love this necklace if she had seen this. When she is free and inspired, she makes her own Steampunk jewelries. She had even placed orders from several brass rod suppliers and brass suppliers to make new designs. She hasn't made any jewelry for a while now perhaps it's time to explore her creative side again.

    Anyway, love your Steampunk jewelries!