11 Sep 2012

Weekend at The Asylum

The Third annual UK Steampunk Convivial...

I won an award!!!! I still can't quite believe it, but "Steampunk Emporium" was voted the best non fiction steampunk book of 2011/12.  I am so thrilled to have won, a huge thankyou to everyone who voted. It genuinely was most unexpected.

Sowhat a terribly exciting and busy weekend that was!
It went by in a flash and I know I didn't get to see a quarter of the things I'd intended to, or indeed the people I'd have loved to chat with, but It was jolly good fun anyway.

Much thanks to everyone who came along to the stall and showed me the wonderful things they'd made after being inspired by Steampunk Emporium! I hope you all enjoyed seeing the sneaky previews of the next two books as well...

Despite hiding from the heat (and the First Tea Companies First Court Martial)  in the lovely cool assembly rooms in Lincoln, I managed to do quite a lot really! I sat on a panel about the nature of steampunk writing with the lovely Raven Dane and awesome Jonathon Green which was jolly good fun. I saw Mr B the gentleman rhymer play,  I helped judge the costume competion with Jonathon and the very talented Mr Thomas Truax. Even MC Elemental got me up on stage to sing a song to me, which was very silly indeed.

I'm afraid I was so busy I didn't take many pictures! though on the left you can see Mr Rivett pretending to be Kit Cox...myself and the irrepressable Ms Peacey and Nick Locke being Steam Trinians, and the lovely Lady Raygun and Robert Rankin relaxing.... but there are links to many many wonderful photos on the VSS facebook site, Now we only have to wait till March for The Great Steampunk Beach party!


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