4 Mar 2009

The Bohemian Collection

Whilst in Paris, Mr Woppit started hanging out with a most disreputable bohemian crowd in Monmartre. They seemed to spend most of their time chatting up girls in the Moulin Rouge. Amongst them, however, were some rather talented Steam Punk artists.
Using symbololgy from their Fin de Siecle lives, they have created a most extraordinary selection of wearable art pieces. Ever far sighted, Dickens and Rivet have purchased the entire collection in the belief that they will one day be the antiquities of the future.

Emilly Ladybird disagrees strongly and while admitting they are quite pretty, thinks it unlikely they will be of any practical use "Come the apocalypse."

Gentle reader we leave you to decide on their future significance...

The Cavourite Collection

It is well known that the first men on the moon were not, in fact, the first. Professor Cavors expedition found several items, apparantly abandoned in haste, which were immediately confiscated by the British Crown upon their return.

It was whilst on an entirely different mission in the vaults under Buckingham Palace, that Miss Ladybird and Mr Woppit came across evidence that it was the French who got to the moon first!

Investigating the items and documents further, a daring tale emerged, of a Balloon flight, financed by Marie Antoinette herself as a symbol of her pride in the French nation. Sadly the Aeronaughts were not to return despite ongoing signals into space which continue even today, overseen by the head of the Etoille Academie Francaise, M.Mesmer.

The news of the French achievement was not released as it was felt it might have a demoralising effect on The Great British Public. However Mr Woppit told his bohemian friends in Paris, and they printed a pamphlet, Le Monde got hold of the story and well, now everybody knows.

Only a few artifacts are currently offered for sale, but more may be added when the court are holidaying in Balmoral. They are all unique pieces and purchasers should be aware the cavorite gives off an unearthly glow in darkness.

Adventures in Time and Space

A superb collection of alien artifacts, including two pure silver keys and two pieces of steampunk jewelry embellished with a strange symbol.

These pieces were all discovered by Miss Emilly Ladybird and Mr Woppit on a recent excursion to Eritraia. Whilst exploring a ruined city under the desert, they came across a race of amazing brass automatons who had crash landed many years ago, whilst exploring the universe.

Foiling the dastardly attempt of a thief to steal the automatons source of power, (a beautiful purple stone which has the power to warp time itself! ) Miss Ladybird has gone in search of other objects which may be related to the stone.

They all now reside in safe (ish) hands, although the finding of similar pure silver pieces may be accepted as a commission.

Clockwork Hearts

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful punchcard princess. This petite girl had been created out of clockwork and doll parts by a wise and clever toy maker. She lived in a castle far away and no one ever came to visit.

The clever toy maker had made her all manner of beautiful things, to replace her worn cogs and springs. He always intended to make her some friends when he returned from his long journey. Many centuries went by and the little princess continued to tend her roses and dance in the empty ballroom, till one day a knock on the castle door brought a whole bevy of clockwork girls, all created by the wise toymaker (who for all we know, still roams the world making marvelous mechanical maidens).

This collection of steampunk jewelery Is unashamedly feminine and romantic. The pieces were all personally donated by these wonderful clockwork creations, who wish to remain secluded in their far off chateau till the toymaker returns, eating English toffee and drinking mineral oil...


Lunar Devices.

The Radientorum was designed by Sir Charles Darley to provide a consistent calibration of the luminosity of Moon Opals. These fabulously rare gems were brought back by Mr Bedford from the moon in 1890, and in recognition of their unique glowing properties the Radientorum was named.

Only 30 of these shimmering gems are in existence, each one cut from the solid piece of opal brought retrived by Bedford. If held to a bright light source and then taken into darkness, the opal will glow with reflected light, exactly as the moon does.

Obviously it is because of the high density of opal on the moon that we can see it glowing in the night sky. This mineral diminishes and grows as larger or smaller sections of the moon are recharged by the suns light.

It is unknown how many Radientorums were made by Sir Charles, several are certainly in private collections and one was presented to her majesty queen Victoria. Those on offer here represent part of a private collection sold by the stellar explorer Phoebe Dalrymple, who led the expedition to recover Professor Cavor in 1892. They have been incorporated into spectacular pieces of Steampunk Jewellery


Vampyric Detection.

This device was banned in 1643 as it was believed it could predict the manner and date of a wearer’s death. Sadly many fine examples were destroyed in the subsequent witch hunt.

It was only when an ancient technical manual called 'The Mutus Liber' was discovered in the attic of a chateaux in Guttenberg that it’s true function became clear.

The fine mechanisms made in 1835 by Bartholomew Stevenson accurately displayed the amount of life force contained within an individual. Thus on a young and vigorous individual the reading was high, while often the infirm or elderly would show a low reading, giving rise to the mistaken belief that it could foretell imminent death. It has had some use in the hands of the Harley St practitioners but, perhaps due to the macabre connections it has never really become popular. It should perhaps be renamed a 'Vitalemeter', but the older name has stuck.
It was used with much success by Mrs Harker for the discernment of undead who invariably gave a life force reading of zero. Those offered for sale here were recovered from a Transylvanian Schloss in 1832 and have been on loan to the British museum by the current, anonymous owner and vendor.

It is believed that one of these items may be Mrs Harkers very own model of Steampunk Jewellery.


Oriental Artefacts.

Taken from the Latin word Occult, meaning “hidden” this gadget was created by Lt. Henry Harman. He hoped it would help the legendary pundit, Kintup’s, foray into Tibet as part of the Royal geographical Surveys secret map making expedition. He believed it might enable Kintup to disappear from unfriendly eyes whilst on his mission.

In 1880 Kintup discovered an immense waterfall in Tibet, near the Assam border; behind the waterfall he was able to discern a "great city full of beautiful buildings". Others in the party without the use of the Occultumoscope were unable to see anything beyond the hurtling water. Despite Kintup’s insistence that they should try and reach the city, the others in the party refused to continue and Kintup sadly bade farewell to Shangri–La. He was never to return.

Lt. Harman, meanwhile, had more of the Scopes made, believing them to be of use to agents in the field. Their ability to make the wearer invisible however was fairly inconsistent leading to some embarrassing diplomatic incidents and their only true function appears to reveal the hidden city of Shangri–La.

As Tibet’s borders remain firmly closed, the Geographical Society has decided to sell much of its equipment, including these devices.

Phantasmagoricallibration Devices

Fey Divination.

After Sir Flinders Petrie and the Company of Crimson closed the last door into the land of faerie, the devices made by 'The Company' were delivered into the hands of several “worthy guardians”.

It is only now, after the gates have been closed for many years, that these citizens (among them Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Mr Jonathan Strange) have felt secure enough to explain the use of the few devices. Due to the demise of their previous owners and subsequent unwitting sale by their heirs, these items have now made their way into the wider world.

Designed by Dr Staunton and Prof Van Vaas, the objects were to make solid and viewable the parallel world of faerie. In this, they seem to have much the same basic principles as the Occultumoscope, however they were calibrated to see a different parallel resonance rather than the mysterious Shangri-La.

As the gates are now firmly locked between the two dimensions The Phantasmagoricalibration devices are now sadly no more than curios. Until such time as the world of faerie and mortals are rejoined, at which point of course they may become priceless. The ability to see beyond the glamour of faerie has long been an ideal, especially for the rescuing of those poor souls entrapped there by the “fair folk”.

2 Mar 2009

Magnetic Cavourite Disk Broach

This large piece displays a chunk of Cavourite and a crystal within a bronze disk. Reminiscent of jewellery from early civilisations, it is a regal piece.

It has a magentic fastening, enabling it to be worn without piercing any fabrics, or indeed the piece can simply be attached to any metalic surface for ornamentation.

The Cavourite gives off an unearthly glow in darkness.

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SteamPunk Necklace

A classic symbol of Punks everywhere and anytime - the safety pin - is the focus of this pendant.The safety pin sparkles iridescently with roses and cogs on a purple background.

Popularised by Maison Westwood and Mme Vivienne, this is a homage to anarchists everywhere. Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love!

Each pendant is a unique work of art and therefore there may be some very slight variations from the picture shown, but all brass fittings and velvet ribbons remain the same.

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Amour Necklace

This delightful design of 'love-cogs' and roses in red, was created by a young artist whose lady friend died very sadly of consumption whilst we were in Paris.

It must be added that she did have a tendency to wander about with very little in the way of warm clothes, but it cannot be denied she was very beautiful and the star of the Moulin Rouge.

Each pendant is a unique work of art and therefore there may be some very slight variations from the picture shown, but all brass fittings and velvet ribbons remain the same.

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Absinthe Necklace

The Bohemians seemed to drink a truly shocking amount of Absinthe. Enough to almost break the veil with the land of faerie, much to Miss Ladybirds horror. It was only by swatting the little green faeries back into the aether with a handy cricket bat, that Paris was saved from fey invasion.

Mr Woppit was too busy singing to help. This pendant features an absinthe bottle label along with cogs and roses.

Each pendant is a unique work of art and therefore there may be some very slight variations from the picture shown, but all brass fittings and velvet ribbons remain the same.

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Necrometer Cravat Pin

A large piece of "bloodstone" adorns a large brass cog, in this elegant cravat pin. This is a purely decorative pin, as worn by the Count St. Germaine when last seen at Cannes.

Rumors that it may be linked to his longevity are totally unfounded. Although it must be admitted since Miss Ladybird accquired the pin, little has been seen of The Count.

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Versaille Cavorite Earrings

Exquisite earrings in the Rococo style, from which are hung loops of tiny chains for a steampunk motif. They are topped by a pale mint pearl and Austrian crystal.

They were found in the pocket of a discarded Admirals jacket on the moon, perhaps a present for the Aether Captains mistress at the French court. The mystery of what happened to the explorers means we shall probably never know...

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Cavorite Court Necklace

This exquisite necklace was obviously intended as a present for Marie Antoinette herself. As Louis XIV had styled himself The Sun King, so she hoped to become The Moon Queen.

It features a large piece of Cavorite set in a pretty locket with an Austrian crystal, no doubt to remind the queen of her homeland. The Steam Punk Pendant is hung from a set of exquisite cream and mint green pearls. Overall very dainty and Rococo in style.

The Cavourite gives off an unearthly glow in darkness

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