6 Nov 2013


It was earlier this year that I was summoned mysteriously to Greenwich,London, along with seven other Steampunk artists including modelmaker Herr Doktor, multi media experience designer Yomi, author Robert Rankin and illustrator Dr Geoff|! 
Approaching the iconic date line, we were met with smiles, coffee and biscuits by the curators astronomers and organisers of the exhibiton who explained exactly what they wanted from us!
Now I can confirm I  have been asked to create four costume art pieces for The Royal Greenwich Observatories and National maritime museum! They are going to form part of a brand new steampunk exhibition about the 18th century competition to discover a reliable way of measuring longitude...
All the artists are very excited about their works and we shall be very busy over the winter months, tinkering in sheds, drawing in garrets and writing in coffee shops! 
If you'd like a chance to have one of your artworks displayed alongside ours in the museum, there is a great competition organised by the museum to create an extra artwork for the exhibition! find out all about it HERE!

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