13 Jul 2016

The Dark Lady

If you need an excuse to get out your Mortalometer, look no further!
Emilly has been having more adventures with the supernatural and technology courtesy of the wonderful world of Virtual Reality and a mysterious woman in black....

If you'd like to explore, then you can best experience this new adventure via a VR headset (like google cardboard) into which your smart phone will slot. You can buy headsets for as little as £8 on Amazon!

Then just download the Splash App from the store and look for the user name "DreamsInc" - that's me!
Part one of the adventure is called "the dark lady"
Splash is kind of like 360, VR instagram - try it, you'll love it....

If you really can't do the immersive experience, you can still view it - downloading the Splash app, then just sliding your finger on the screen to look around, or preview it here on facebook....
 We've had over 7000 views already!
 I'm going to keep adding to the story throughout the summer - so come follow DreamsInc and enjoy!

If you have a Victorian style Stereoscope then you can save these lovely still images and print them out for your spooky 3D viewing pleasure... It's not quite the whole immersive experience, but if it was good enough for the Victorians....


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