4 Mar 2009


Vampyric Detection.

This device was banned in 1643 as it was believed it could predict the manner and date of a wearer’s death. Sadly many fine examples were destroyed in the subsequent witch hunt.

It was only when an ancient technical manual called 'The Mutus Liber' was discovered in the attic of a chateaux in Guttenberg that it’s true function became clear.

The fine mechanisms made in 1835 by Bartholomew Stevenson accurately displayed the amount of life force contained within an individual. Thus on a young and vigorous individual the reading was high, while often the infirm or elderly would show a low reading, giving rise to the mistaken belief that it could foretell imminent death. It has had some use in the hands of the Harley St practitioners but, perhaps due to the macabre connections it has never really become popular. It should perhaps be renamed a 'Vitalemeter', but the older name has stuck.
It was used with much success by Mrs Harker for the discernment of undead who invariably gave a life force reading of zero. Those offered for sale here were recovered from a Transylvanian Schloss in 1832 and have been on loan to the British museum by the current, anonymous owner and vendor.

It is believed that one of these items may be Mrs Harkers very own model of Steampunk Jewellery.

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  1. These are fantastic and beautiful Jema. Love them. I think they are my favorites so far!