4 Mar 2009

Clockwork Hearts

Once upon a time there lived a beautiful punchcard princess. This petite girl had been created out of clockwork and doll parts by a wise and clever toy maker. She lived in a castle far away and no one ever came to visit.

The clever toy maker had made her all manner of beautiful things, to replace her worn cogs and springs. He always intended to make her some friends when he returned from his long journey. Many centuries went by and the little princess continued to tend her roses and dance in the empty ballroom, till one day a knock on the castle door brought a whole bevy of clockwork girls, all created by the wise toymaker (who for all we know, still roams the world making marvelous mechanical maidens).

This collection of steampunk jewelery Is unashamedly feminine and romantic. The pieces were all personally donated by these wonderful clockwork creations, who wish to remain secluded in their far off chateau till the toymaker returns, eating English toffee and drinking mineral oil...


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