4 Mar 2009

Phantasmagoricallibration Devices

Fey Divination.

After Sir Flinders Petrie and the Company of Crimson closed the last door into the land of faerie, the devices made by 'The Company' were delivered into the hands of several “worthy guardians”.

It is only now, after the gates have been closed for many years, that these citizens (among them Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Mr Jonathan Strange) have felt secure enough to explain the use of the few devices. Due to the demise of their previous owners and subsequent unwitting sale by their heirs, these items have now made their way into the wider world.

Designed by Dr Staunton and Prof Van Vaas, the objects were to make solid and viewable the parallel world of faerie. In this, they seem to have much the same basic principles as the Occultumoscope, however they were calibrated to see a different parallel resonance rather than the mysterious Shangri-La.

As the gates are now firmly locked between the two dimensions The Phantasmagoricalibration devices are now sadly no more than curios. Until such time as the world of faerie and mortals are rejoined, at which point of course they may become priceless. The ability to see beyond the glamour of faerie has long been an ideal, especially for the rescuing of those poor souls entrapped there by the “fair folk”.

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  1. liking this group of devices. These are lovely. What meaterials are u using, is that actual stone?