4 Mar 2009

The Bohemian Collection

Whilst in Paris, Mr Woppit started hanging out with a most disreputable bohemian crowd in Monmartre. They seemed to spend most of their time chatting up girls in the Moulin Rouge. Amongst them, however, were some rather talented Steam Punk artists.
Using symbololgy from their Fin de Siecle lives, they have created a most extraordinary selection of wearable art pieces. Ever far sighted, Dickens and Rivet have purchased the entire collection in the belief that they will one day be the antiquities of the future.

Emilly Ladybird disagrees strongly and while admitting they are quite pretty, thinks it unlikely they will be of any practical use "Come the apocalypse."

Gentle reader we leave you to decide on their future significance...


  1. I absolutely love this jewellery, But i do not understand what Steampunk means. I will have to look it up.

  2. Yep I think it's yummy too I don't wear jewllery but I do thisnk it's pleasing to the eye in deed

  3. I have been trying to find steampunk blogs for a while & I'm glad I found yours!

    I love your steampunk jewellery & your blog posts!

    I've given you a 'Beautiful Blogger' award. It's on my blog at http://bohemianbluez.blogspot.com/

    Best wishes!


  4. Hi!
    I loved Your blog.
    Do you sell these things?

  5. Beautiful jewelry hoping you will be there with more designs.

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  8. Great work! The collection is absolutely adorable, the “cage pendant” has been my favorite, I love vintage designs so much esp. into jewelery. Thanks for coming up with this idea, brilliant!