4 Mar 2009

The Cavourite Collection

It is well known that the first men on the moon were not, in fact, the first. Professor Cavors expedition found several items, apparantly abandoned in haste, which were immediately confiscated by the British Crown upon their return.

It was whilst on an entirely different mission in the vaults under Buckingham Palace, that Miss Ladybird and Mr Woppit came across evidence that it was the French who got to the moon first!

Investigating the items and documents further, a daring tale emerged, of a Balloon flight, financed by Marie Antoinette herself as a symbol of her pride in the French nation. Sadly the Aeronaughts were not to return despite ongoing signals into space which continue even today, overseen by the head of the Etoille Academie Francaise, M.Mesmer.

The news of the French achievement was not released as it was felt it might have a demoralising effect on The Great British Public. However Mr Woppit told his bohemian friends in Paris, and they printed a pamphlet, Le Monde got hold of the story and well, now everybody knows.

Only a few artifacts are currently offered for sale, but more may be added when the court are holidaying in Balmoral. They are all unique pieces and purchasers should be aware the cavorite gives off an unearthly glow in darkness.

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